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Why Customized Scheduling is Necessary for Emergency Medicine

Posted by Shift Admin on November 12, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Forget outdated, manual scheduling creation; the process of emergency medicine scheduling requires scheduling methods that are up-to-date and capable of handling complex emergency medicine needs.

Here’s why customized scheduling is necessary for emergency medicine.


This one may be the most obvious, given the context, but there is never the perfect one-size-fits-all application for provider scheduling, especially when it comes to EDs. What emergency medicine requires is scheduling software that is uniquely tailored to its needs — one that is capable of handling all of the rules, requests, and preferences that apply to a particular group.

With customized scheduling, schedulers can group nights together, allow for post-night time off before returning to work, follow Circadian patterns, and distribute nights and weekends evenly, by tenure, or by contract. Those are just a few examples of what customized scheduling is capable of, and how you utilize it is (truly) entirely up to you.

Efficiency and Accuracy

As if its customization capabilities weren’t enough, custom scheduling software offers something that no manual creation method could ever offer: automation. The software at the core of automation allows users to automatically generate schedules that are accurate and capable of weighing and prioritizing the different rules, requests, and other external factors that go into making a schedule. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling correction, thus saving time and eliminating the potential for further human error.


If you’ve ever wanted to incorporate staffing for multiple sites and specific requests into one scheduling block, then customized schedules are here to offer you yet another advantage for your emergency medicine scheduling processes. Determine your scheduling criteria and watch as your software analyzes millions of scheduling combinations to deliver the most optimal one given the speicific parameters you enter for each site and each provider. . The same software that creates your schedules can also offer smart reporting, payroll and analytics, and communication features — features that enable you to make the most well-informed scheduling decisions on behalf of your entire organization.

A Solution for All

For a scheduling software that offers all of this and more, consider Shift Admin. Shift Admin simplifies the provider scheduling and department management processes by automating scheduling while simultaneously functioning as a communication center and reporting tool.

Be it that Shift Admin was created by practicing emergency medicine physicians for practicing emergency medicine physicians, we’re well aware of the complicated nature of being tasked with creating effective emergency medicine schedules. Click below to request a one-on-one demo of our scheduling software to see what all it can do for your department.

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