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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Urgent Care Provider Schedules

Posted by Shift Admin on October 19, 2020 at 8:37 AM

Urgent care may be revolutionizing the way patients receive care, but it has also created a new set of challenges for those providing that care. The hours are longer, the demand is higher, and the standard for efficient provider scheduling is too great for any conventional scheduling method.

So, how do you create effective urgent care provider schedules that meet that demand while preventing physician burnout, reducing employee turnover, and improving patient safety?

Here are five simple things that you can start doing today with your scheduling software to improve your urgent care provider schedules.

1. Utilize Weighted Rules

These refer to digital scheduling guidelines that are ranked (or “weighted”) on a sliding scale of priority. These guidelines are set by you and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your providers. Some of these may include

  • Individual employee shift preference
  • Consecutive shift limitations
  • The fair distribution of day, night, weekend, and holiday shifts among your providers

Weighted rules provide an unbiased, provider-friendly approach to schedules upon which everyone can agree because everyone helped create them.

2. Set Maximums and Minimums

Setting shift maximums and minimums in your scheduling process ensures providers don’t go over or under a set number of shifts during a specific time range and receive equitably-distributed undesirable shifts.

3. Cater to Your Multiple Locations

Patients don’t want to wait, and the best part about urgent care is that practices can offer multiple locations that eliminate that inconvenience. This creates a unique challenge to those creating the schedules for those locations, however. When setting your rules, maximums and minimums, consider what it will take to fairly and equitably distribute physicians and APPs across multiple facilities. Remember that the most optimized urgent care provider schedules also consider and accommodate rotating and/or recurring schedule templates.

4. Allow Shift Trades, Pick-Ups, Etc.

By providing limited access and the ability to swap or pick up shifts, you give the providers themselves a way to buy into their own schedules and be a part of the solution.

5. Replace Your Outdated Scheduling System

Is your current scheduling solution incapable of performing these tasks? If so, you need an automated and scalable digital solution that allows you to create the most optimized urgent care provider schedules possible for each of your facilities. Shift Admin will save you time, minimize the overhead that comes with manual scheduling, ensure appropriate coverage for all facilities, and make it easier for your providers to access the most up-to-date schedule anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Click this button if you have already decided that an upgrade is what’s right for you, but need some help dialing in on the perfect solution!download-ultimate-scheduling-software-buyers-guide

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