Innovative Scheduling for Telemedicine Groups


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Automated Telemedicine Scheduling

With Shift Admin, telemedicine schedulers and administrators can:

  • Define coverage needs by state and time of day.
  • Keep track of state privileges by provider.
  • Generate optimized schedules that meet coverage needs.
  • Handle time off and vacation requests.
  • Allow providers to view the schedule in their own timezones.
  • Track shift and hour data for analytics and payroll usage.

Scheduling Software That Works


Shift Admin’s 100% web-based schedule generation and management platform offers unique functionality to help Telemed groups operate with more effectiveness and efficiency.

When it comes to helping different specialties operate at a higher rate of effectiveness and efficiency, there is no specialty in which Shift Admin can not excel. Telemed is no exception.

As a specialty that is not bound by the confines of a single geographic location, telemedicine demands functionality and scheduling solutions that can keep up with the full breadth and complexity of its unique demands. Shift Admin has continually evolved its platform, structure, and rules to meet those demands and provide cutting edge solutions that match your group's innovative remote healthcare services.

If the standard default rules that are provided by Shift Admin do not meet your needs, let’s talk. Our team has world-class tools that are necessary to create a product that is unique to your group. Book your live demo today to learn more!

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Our Customers Say It Best

Across the board, our telemed scheduling clients love us. Because we treat them as partners. Driving towards solutions, not sales. It's the Shift Admin way.


"Shift Admin has been invaluable in streamlining the thankless task of schedule making. Pencil and paper are not adequate anymore to plan out 30+ radiologists working in nearly all states and servicing 300+ clients. The software makes sure we respect radiologist requests while preventing gaps in coverage. I was very impressed by co-founder Blake Birkenfeld's and his team's hands-on approach. They have excelled at demonstration, implementation, onboarding, and continued support of the product. Shift Admin has been a delight for our company."

— Mohammed F Quraishi, MD, Owner
Real Radiology | Omaha, NE

Three-Time Klas Category Leader in Physician Scheduling 

  • #1 in Overall Satisfaction
  • #1 in Proactive Service 
  • #1 in Ease of Use 
  • #1 in Quality of Support

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