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Optimized Surgery Scheduling

When surgeon schedulers choose Shift Admin, they can:

  • Seamlessly optimize multiple schedules across surgical centers.
  • Streamline the surgical scheduling process with automatically-generated, fully-optimized schedules.
  • Generate call schedules months (or even years) at a time that follow your preferred patterns.
  • Maximize block time with surgery schedules that are free of holes or conflicts.
  • Facilitate department growth with endlessly-configurable surgery schedule rules.
  • Schedule backup call and night call following your group’s protocol.
  • Equitably distribute weekend and night call, if desired.

Scheduling Software That Works


Shift Admin’s 100% web-based schedule generation and management platform provides surgery groups the staffing, tracking, and call features needed to provide first-class service.

From managing multiple facilities to building the schedules themselves, surgery scheduling is a complex puzzle consisting of many equally-important pieces. The interoperability of these pieces is what defines comprehensive patient care, and without it, the safety of your patients is at risk.

In a specialty as delicately complex as surgery, efficiency and transparency are absolute necessities, and that’s precisely what Shift Admin can provide.

Shift Admin simplifies surgery department management by offering schedule automation, customizable weighted rules, and robust payroll and reporting capabilities.

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Our Customers Say It Best

Across the board, our surgery scheduling clients love us. Because we treat them as partners. Driving towards solutions, not sales. It's the Shift Admin way.


"I just wanted to let you know what an incredible asset Shift Admin has been for Roper Saint Francis Hospital’s Department of Surgery! As the physician leader for our recent transition to a rotating Acute Care Surgicalist model, I can assure you that it would not have been possible without the power of Shift Admin's program. The level of attention that the team gave us at set up and continues to give us for effective improvements and efficiencies is top-notch!"

— Walter D. “Bo” Blessing, Jr, MDSurgery Group Physician Leader
Roper Saint Francis Hospital Department of Surgery  Charleston, SC

Seamless Reporting & Payroll Management

  • Manage vacation/PTO requests and approvals.
  • Use reporting tools to identify trends, make changes, and make better well-informed decisions.
  • Schedule around recurring meetings or administrative responsibilities.
  • Track non-clinical time.

When it comes to efficiently and effectively managing something as complex as surgery schedules, lives are literally on the line. These complex applications require sophisticated solutions, and that’s precisely what Shift Admin can provide. 

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