ANNOUNCEMENT: QGenda Acquires Shift Admin

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In this demo, we'll walk you through our simple yet powerful user interface.

Topics Include:
  • How the system is flexible enough to handle even the most complicated schedules
  • The power of weighted rules and their importance in generating a full schedule
  • Our reporting, statistics, and payroll system that enables easy exporting and integration with 3rd party software
  • How your providers can submit their prioritized availability through online schedule requests
  • Our built-in communication interface that's perfect for emailing everyone, specific groups, and individuals
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Reduce Time Spent Creating Schedules by 60-70%

Our solution allows you to create a complete, fair, and equitable schedule for all your users based on fully customizable rules and individual preferences in a fraction of the time it's taking you now.

You will also be able to generate different kinds of alerts, like notifications for open shifts. Additionally, you can monitor vacation requests and allow users to upload documents like certifications.


How Do We Help You as the Scheduler? It's About Time. 

Configure rules once and save hours customizing your schedule each period
Generate a fully-optimized, fully-staffed schedule in minutes
Get support when you need it - our support team has a 5-minute average response time - the most responsive team in the industry.

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