Pros and Cons of Scheduling Software

Learn How Scheduling Software Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Pros and Cons of Scheduling SoftwareThe scheduling solution you choose is going to have a substantial impact on your ability to report, time spent creating and maintaining schedules, and how much it will cost you to create a schedule. 

This means that the solution you choose will impact some of your most valuable resources, time and money.

In this guide, we will compare how scheduling software and traditional schedule creation compare as it relates to some of your most important criteria. 

Here are the criterias we'll explore in our guide, Pros and Cons of Scheduling Software:

  • Saving time
  • Keeping the schedule fair
  • Meeting the needs of your providers
  • Accurately communicating with providers and hospital staff
  • Deploying a user-friendly process or tool
  • Efficiently managing reporting
  • Saving your hospital or clinic money

So, can an automated scheduling solution, really help you produce fully staffed, fully optimized provider schedules in a fraction of the time?

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Here's What Our Users Think

"We have some very specific scheduling patterns for a subset of our physicians and the Shift Admin programmers were able to design a way for us to deal with them. The support from everyone at Shift Admin has been and continues to be fantastic. They give us prompt attention with great attention to detail. We wholeheartedly recommend Shift Admin to any company large and small."

Michele Druhl, Emergency Resource Group
Jacksonville, FL

"Shift Admin has computerized our scheduling process and made it manageable for the first time. We now have an accurate, up to date schedule that is easily accessible. It is very user friendly, and the administrative support is fantastic. I would definitely recommend Shift Admin."

Lisa Tan, Internal Medicine Straub Hospitalist
Honolulu, HI

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