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Why Excel Spreadsheets are Obsolete in Medical Scheduling

Posted by Shift Admin on July 3, 2018 at 6:03 AM

Microsoft Excel can be used for a lot of different things, but it’s a thing of the past when trying to create schedules for medical facilities. To start, we understand that creating schedules for employees is not an easy task. You must not only ensure the right provider is scheduled for a balanced number of shifts, but also must confirm that those employees are actually available, and need to equip your department with the right number of providers for each shift.

With a simple interface that allows for comprehensive tasks to be completed with ease, scheduling software offers solutions that spreadsheets simply can’t match.

Here are the top reasons why Excel spreadsheets are obsolete in medical scheduling:

It takes too long

The biggest issue that comes with scheduling your team using spreadsheets is the sheer amount of time it takes to create, correct, and distribute your schedule to your group. Shifts  are changing on a daily basis. Life happens. You're either marking up the spreadsheet to reflect the changes or printing new ones.    

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It’s not automatic

Spreadsheets are great for calculating data, there aren’t any formulas that can handle the intricacies of scheduling providers. Shift Admin’s state-of-the-art software can be set up to meet the individual needs of your facility. You can set up recurring shifts, get notifications for open shifts, create time sheets for payroll, and much more.

It isn’t secure

Shift Admin’s completely web-based scheduling software keeps your data secure while facilitating collaboration and communication amongst your team members. Passwords to spreadsheets can be compromised and data lost, creating a nightmare for your facility.

Our world-class algorithm goes with you in the palm of your hand, with all features available on your mobile device.

Excel was created for numbers, not people

Excel (or any similar spreadsheet app) was created for manipulating mathematical data. It was never intended to manage people and take on the intricacies of managing a group’s medical schedule.

Busy medical professionals want to check their phone for their schedule.  They want updates and communication as fast and easy as they receive other information in their daily lives, and Excel does not give providers that convenience.

No scheduling algorithm

Your facility needs different rules to ensure enough doctors are on call for July 4th or employees with certain scheduling needs, like childcare.

Schedulers also need to take into account each employee’s preferences across your entire group’s schedule, like Dr. White picks up his kids on Monday, the anesthesiologist doesn’t work Fridays, and the ER nurses need extra downtime after multiple nights in a row. You can do all of that with Shift Admin. With Excel? Not so much.

Spreadsheets are definitely great for a lot of things, but creating optimized, fair schedules is an entirely different story.

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