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Why Customized Scheduling Software is the Best Bang for Your Buck

Posted by Shift Admin on January 30, 2018 at 6:37 AM

There’s no question that hospital scheduling is filled with unique challenges and is one of the most important needs of all medical specialties. That’s why finding a schedule-builder that’s able to meet all of your challenges is vital.

For most administrators, scheduling options are either manual or digital. Let’s take a look at both options, including their pros and cons, along with why specialized scheduling software provides many advantages that other types don’t.

Manual vs. Automated Scheduling Software

Many small businesses still use manual scheduling because it best fits their day-to-day needs. It’s a paper and pen approach which can be upgraded with spreadsheets such as Excel and is the simplest form of scheduling. It’s a more effective way of scheduling when there are only a few jobs each employee has to attend to during his or her shift.

However, as a business expands and scheduling becomes more complex or unpredictable, the manual scheduling process often becomes outdated and leads to errors. As job priorities change throughout the day – often suddenly – keeping track of those changes is exceedingly difficult for the person who handles manual scheduling.

Continuing to use a manual scheduling system as your company grows will increase the likelihood of missed opportunities and inconsistent service. Switching to automated scheduling software enables you to have a more streamlined, efficient process that runs on an extremely precise algorithm, and to be agile when adjusting to ever-changing scheduling demands.

While automated scheduling costs more than manual processes – and often varies in dependability and quality from one provider to another – a high-quality system will save time, effort and, in the long run, money as it helps your business to run more efficiently.

Indeed, the time saved by using a scheduling software is worth the investment alone. Instead of an employee, or employees, spending long hours on a manual scheduling system (which includes having to be up-to-date regarding schedule changes, etc), scheduling software enables you to create a schedule in days, not weeks.

What Your Customized Scheduling Software Can Provide

While there are plenty of off-the-shelf options for scheduling software, it’s to your advantage to purchase and use software you’re able to customize to best fit your needs. Look for software that has a scheduling algorithm that’s 100% customizable.

There are also a variety of ways to prioritize rules and preferences that fit your needs without losing the flexibility of scheduling:

  • Prioritizing rules according to task – You can specify which tasks belong together and are of a higher priority, while also having a contingency plan if the need isn’t met.
  • Hierarchy of shifts – This enables you to sort tasks by importance and make sure the right physician is assigned to those tasks.
  • Centralized schedule access – Physicians, administrators, executives and other staff have one source to turn to in order to view things such as who’s on call, or which staff are available.
  • Real-time access – Cloud-based scheduling software enables users to have real-time access to schedules and updates while viewing them via mobile devices or desktop and laptop computers.
  • Scheduling preferences – Providers may wish to work a certain number of days in a row or have other specific schedule requests that require greater scheduling flexibility. A quality scheduling software program allows for rules for individual preferences.
  • Other schedule requests – Whether it’s a request for days off, days on, vacation time, or paid time-off requests, your scheduling software should be able to handle it. At Shift Admin, we can handle all types of requests while providing rules for individual preferences that fit your need.

Shift Admin will surpass all of your scheduling needs. We allow you to customize rules and patterns to match the needs of your facility. Start comparing our software to our competitors:

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