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Not All Rules Are Created Equal: Know the Importance of Weighted Scheduling Rules

Posted by Shift Admin on March 6, 2018 at 6:20 AM

Optimized schedules are created when you take every single scheduling factor, facility need, and provider preference into account. Just as you would review these factors and prioritize their importance, digital scheduling rules that are ranked or weighted give schedulers the same optimized schedule in hours, not days, and with a lot less headache.

Here are some weighted rules you could outline for your organization:

Employees’ Preferences

Respecting your employees’ scheduling preferences has been proven to make happier, more satisfied providers. Input equal rules for each provider, detailing whether employees like to work days or nights, balance their schedule with weekdays and weekends, or have a certain number of days off in a row. By making all schedule preferences “equal,” your scheduling software can find the most optimized version of all provider requests.

Limit Shifts

By outlining the maximum and minimum number of shifts each provider must accept, you can ensure there are no holes in your team schedule. Many facilities also define rules to equally distribute day shifts, evening shifts, night shifts and weekend shifts between all available providers. You can even build shift constraints for individual shifts.

Match Provider Schedule to His or Her Contract

Scheduling rules not only allow schedulers to take employees’ stated preferences into account, they also let the scheduler outline each provider’s restrictions and contract guidelines. For example, if a seniored physician does not work more than 2 shifts per week, the scheduling software can create an optimized schedule around that rule. At the same time, facilities can be positive that they are not under or overworking their providers based on the contract specifications.

Align Schedules for Team Meetings

Weighted rules make it easy to schedule all providers to be at the facility during a team meeting. This ease of use could push your team to conduct shorter, more regular meetings that seek to inform and improve your hospital.

These scheduling rules add up to more efficient, optimized schedules, every time. Other benefits of weighted scheduling rules include:

  • Improve employee understanding of schedule creation - By informing your team that these rules are in place, they can be confident that an unbiased scheduler created the most ideal schedule for each provider across the entire facility.
  • Maintain mandated staffing levels, manage float pools, and quickly replace no-shows - Creating a schedule with no uncovered shifts is easy with scheduling software that follows clear rules. Your fully-staffed facility can then use online tools to switch shifts or pick up shifts.
  • Increase morale and reduce turnover - Better schedules reduce physician burnout, encouraging providers to grow with your facility and invest in your team.
  • Reduce time spent creating and managing schedules - Creating the schedule can be taxing. Yet weighted rules allow you to input all important variables and make the best possible schedule in hours, not days.

With custom, weighted rules, you can supply your team with the most optimal schedule possible.

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