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The Benefits of Custom Reporting in Your Scheduling Software

Posted by Shift Admin on August 7, 2018 at 6:45 AM

Analytics tools are essential for administrators to make timely, smart decisions. These detailed reporting features ensure your group is well managed and your facility runs efficiently. And yet, no scheduling groups are the same, so baked-in, basic reporting features might provide limited data on your facility’s productivity and output. Your group needs customized reporting to keep administrators, providers, and C-suite staff on the same page and work most efficiently.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits of utilizing tailored reporting tools:

Track personnel utilization

Administrators can track days, weekends, nonclinical time, and personnel utilization by adjusting default report views or requesting custom reports. Our software engineers can also build custom reports to reflect specific data a group might need. Your group may want to compare hours from locum tenens providers compared to residents, and that’s possible with Shift Admin.

It’s common for group to track different categories of shifts, for example, 'Day' shifts versus 'Mid' shifts, 'Evening' shifts versus 'Night' shifts. Some groups use this data as actual shift counts or as percentages so more easily add/compare those types of columns. On the other hand, some groups like to be able to compare 'actual' stats to 'published' stats. However the data needs to be organized, Shift Admin can do it.

Improve payroll reports

Shift Admin has built-in payroll functionality that helps streamline the payroll process. This payroll feature generates a Timesheet report, providing detailed data for payroll. The report calculates gross pay amounts along with any differentials that may have been used in the calculation. Gross pay amounts also flow into the normal Group Stats report and the Detailed Group Stats report (and don’t forget: all three reports can be exported to Excel and then provided to the payroll team).

On top of all of this, Shift Admin can interface with 3rd party payroll vendors giving you the ability to streamline your payroll process even more. This saves time and money by preventing errors during the payroll process.

Save HR administrators significant time

We recently talked with a Chief Administrative Officer with University Emergency Medicine Foundation at Brown University, who shared that the incorporated customized reports and software capabilities their team has requested have been extremely helpful.

“Shift Admin is currently working on a project that will send an evaluation email to providers after working a shift to help us further improve our evaluation process. This feature will allow us to free up our human resources for other needs by taking this manual email evaluation task off of their plate.”

Imagine the countless projects that your HR department could take on if several HR-related tasks were automated!

Organize data for different groups

Administrators, payroll personnel, doctors, and nurses use data from the schedule for different reasons, so it is crucial that your scheduling software can organize your data in an endless number of combinations to suit their needs. Reporting is organized at the group level so reports can be ran for different schedules and groups individually or reports can just as easily be ran for the entire organization. Not only will each supervisor be happy with how organized and thorough the new scheduling reports are, you will be happy that you didn’t spend days generating those reports.  

Shift Admin’s detailed reports work across your facility’s departments to give your group the ability to see what’s working efficiently and what’s not.

Our auto-generator works, and it creates better schedules for your group. See what it takes to get started.


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