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Team Roles: Who Need to Be Involved in Group Scheduling and Why

Posted by Shift Admin on June 12, 2018 at 6:05 AM

Fair and equitable schedules don’t create themselves.

When you make the schedule for your group, you know that your scheduling process and organization of shift distribution will affect your facility, patients, providers, and your providers’ families.

You need to be able to optimize the configuration of your scheduling software parameters to create a group schedule that balances several complicated scheduling rules, generates a full schedule, facilitates team communication, is accessible from anywhere, and is easy to use.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Work closely with a core group of your team, asking how to improve your schedule creation process as you transition to a new scheduling software. Work through their constructive feedback, addressing concerns that benefit the entire group. By talking with your colleagues, you can ensure fewer scheduling conflicts and a more balanced workload for each provider.

While it may be tempting to open the floor during a team meeting regarding how to improve the schedule, consider a smaller, more strategic approach to discussing the new scheduling process. Remind team members of the benefits they’ll have with the new software such as a read-only link to their schedule to share with family or the ability to trade shifts with other providers without going through the group administrator. These are great things to regularly highlight to your group.

Individual Providers

If you are an administrator who generates the schedule on behalf of providers, be sure to actively involve some providers in the process of working with this new scheduling system. Ask them about general team member satisfaction with the schedule, and ask physicians for recommendations on solutions for each criticism.

In general, know that creating a fair and equitable schedule can only happen when other providers are actively invested in the schedule creation process.

Involve Other Specialties

Give team members outside of your group more information on the basics of your new scheduling software. It’s likely that at some point, you’ll need to share your group schedule with another department to ensure that all specialties and providers are on the same page regarding who is working, who is not, and who is on call.

Shift Admin’s custom roles feature allows an administrator to set permissions for every user, outlining the specific permissions needed on a user-to-user basis. This helps groups across your hospital or hospital system stay on the same page about the schedule.

Radiology departments operate differently compared to Emergency departments and anesthesiologists and nurses need different parameters for their schedules. Shift Admin understands these differences and can accommodate each specialty’s preferences. We provide custom solutions for your group’s exact scheduling parameters, and we work with entire hospital systems to ensure that the software is configured precisely for each group’s need.

Human Resourcesand Payroll Administrators

Keep other facility administrators in the loop of your group’s schedule. Your HR and payroll departments will need to generate reports for varying reasons, so it will help to let them have easy access to this information with their own login to the schedule sol


While these administrators will not be creating the scheduling, they need to be intimately aware of your group’s schedule and each provider’s utilization. They will use the scheduling data to generate group stats reports, group shift distribution reports, provider-specific pay reports, and share shift distribution and efficiency with other facility 


Clear, streamlined communication across providers and departments can help your facility run smoothly.

By creating a schedule that incorporates your group’s preferences, department restraints, and patient needs, you will have a more efficient and more productive medical facility. Help each of your coworkers see the ways scheduling software directly affects and benefits each of them, and encourage them as they adopt the tools that create the most optimized schedules possible.

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