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Team Approach to Schedule Creation: How to Give Everyone What They Need

Posted by Shift Admin on September 3, 2017 at 5:51 PM

As the person in charge of building and maintaining the physician schedule for your facility, you have the lovely job of keeping everyone satisfied. With so many different end users, this can seem like an impossible task. But remember, it is your job to give them what they need and keep them satisfied with their schedule - not to make everyone happy by giving them everything  they want.

Approaching schedule generation with your team in mind will help you find the balance between what physicians want and what your facility needs. First, it’s important to identify what constitutes a “good” schedule for each stakeholder and how you can generate that for them on a regular basis.

Group Administrator

As the saying goes, you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself. Keep this in mind as you start to customize rules and preferences before generating a schedule. Likely, your top priority is to produce a schedule that is fully-staffed, with zero open shifts. You also aim to establish fairness in the schedule. If one provider is stuck working consecutive weekends or other undesirable shifts, you will surely hear about it. Finally, because scheduling is only a fraction of your job duties, you aim to create an optimized schedule in minutes, not hours or days.

You can do this by implementing any number of customizations to your organization’s account. Read all about the ways you can configure the auto-generator within your Shift Admin account in this blog post.


Providing the physicians at your hospital or clinic with a good schedule allows them to focus on what matters most - patients. Creating preferences in Shift Admin allows you to generate a schedule that balances their needs with the needs of the facility. Time-off requests should be easy to submit and approve for each provider. Providers also need easy access to their schedule from any device as well as a transparent system for trading or picking up shifts.

As a scheduler, it can be important to accommodate specific rules as much as possible for certain users. Doing so will help your organization attract and retain top talent. With Shift Admin, you can define rules for individual providers in addition to the base contract level making it easy to manage schedules for providers who carry a different workload from the group. For example, someone who prefers different minimum/maximum consecutive working days; prefers to work their night shifts in straight runs, or non-consecutively, etc.

Office Staff

It’s important to the office staff that shifts are fully-staffed. Various departments need access to each schedule in real-time, which is possible with public sharing links in Shift Admin. With this information readily available, emergency departments, nurses, and other staff members know exactly who is on duty and how they to contact them if necessary.

By taking time on the front end to outline preferences, requests, and rules, you can automatically generate a customized schedule that fits the needs of each team in your facility.

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