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Should You Schedule Breaks For Your Providers?

Posted by Shift Admin on December 4, 2018 at 7:00 AM

Take a step back and think of your group’s rhythms. Trying to accommodate schedule requests, follow a circadian pattern with shifts, give appropriate post-night time off, while meeting many other scheduling needs,  and all after surviving a long night in a chaotic department by relying on a paper or an outdated scheduling software. It sounds like a headache, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look at optimizing your schedule – work and breaks included – to get the most for your providers and ultimately, your patients.

In a High-Stress Department? Breaks Are Especially Necessary  

Nurses who work in an environment like the Emergency Department for 12+ hours at a time should get a guaranteed period of time to eat, get some fresh air, or just take a breath on some days. And we understand that emergency physicians may sometimes go 12+ hours without stopping. While it isn’t realistic to schedule breaks for doctors, they should take time to eat – even if it’s delivery.  

Regardless of your department, one benefit of working within a consistent group should be a predictable schedule. The group schedule should allow providers to meet their shift load, have a healthy work-life balance, be with family and take care of personal wellness.

Whether on a micro shift level or macro group schedule level, supply your providers with the appropriate number of breaks, especially for those taking on higher numbers of overnight, weekend, and holiday shifts.

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Gaps in Schedule Lead to Delays in Patient Care

How does your group plan for urgent situations that may require higher-than-normal staffing? Often, groups could alleviate all the stress of these scenarios with a few smart scheduling techniques.  

Your job is to ensure your department is fully-staffed at all times. That requires managing a number of people, a list of shifts, and an unpredictable environment. If you don’t have enough bodies in the building to guarantee patients are seen in a timely manner, patient satisfaction and quality of care will decline.

Shift Admin’s powerful scheduling software lets you create a fully-staffed department schedule faster. With the schedule off your mind, you can use your skills and training to save people’s lives, not stress about who is on the schedule or who has left for vacation.

Group Level Settings Are Your Friend

At the group level as well as at the individual level, Shift Admin users can create rules and patterns that apply to a particular group configured to match its unique scheduling needs. Users can set up default or custom rules and patterns for shifts, starting with the over 100 built-in default rules that can be applied to optimize your scheduling process.  

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