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Recruiting (and Retaining!) the Next Generation of Health Providers

Posted by Shift Admin on January 16, 2018 at 6:30 AM

In an era in which shortages of healthcare professionals are common, finding and retaining the most talented young providers is crucial. It’s one of the biggest challenges that hospitals and other healthcare facilities face today.

What are some of the secrets to finding, recruiting, and retaining the right candidate who’s a good fit for your facility? Here are some keys:

Acknowledge the importance of work-life balance

Every organization seeks committed, hard-working new hires who’ll do what it takes to perform their jobs at the highest level. But your likelihood of retaining top talent is much higher if you can guarantee them a strong work-life balance. By not overwhelming them with a grueling work schedule, you’ll greatly decrease the risk of burning them out. Generous paid time-off guarantees are also attractive to young employees. Also, include that physician’s family in the process while accommodating their needs and interests.

Shift management software gives like Shift Admin gives providers appropriate work-life boundaries, allowing them to manage rules and individual preferences and create balance.

Know why they’re leaving

There are many reasons why hospitals struggle to retain physicians and they can serve as a guide for future recruiting efforts. Some of those reasons, as cited in a 2006 survey, include:

  • Poor cultural fit
  • Being far away from family
  • Needing a better community fit
  • Incompatible work schedule
  • Excessive on-call requirements
  • Seeking higher compensation

Make the best use of technology in the recruiting process

Traditional advertising methods to promote job opportunities are not as effective – and not just for recruiting physicians. Online job boards and access to job listings on mobile devices are just some of the methods that a younger generation of workers incorporates into their job search.

Emphasize leadership development

Encouraging young physicians to participate in some leadership capacity is another way in which you can avoid turnover. If possible, include them on one or two committees.

Introduce the physician to the community

Make sure that the potential new hire meets with people in the community who share mutual interests. Doing so helps the physician envision a life in his potential new hometown. That said, develop an interview process that takes multiple days and includes community events. Building community connections helps ensure that they will remain with your organization for the long haul.

Never stop the process

You don’t have to end the recruiting process once you have the new physician (or nurse) on board. Retaining them means extending the process indefinitely through regularly scheduled reviews, social events, meetings in the community and more.

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