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Provider Scheduling Software Features That Benefit Your Entire Team

Posted by Shift Admin on March 13, 2018 at 6:50 AM

It’s not easy to find the perfect shift combinations to make a schedule that pleases each member of your team. But what if each of those team members knew that your new scheduling software has special features, just to serve them?  

Create each iteration of the schedule digitally, knowing that your coworkers now have these benefits (in addition to the most optimized schedule):

Access to the Most Up-To-Date Schedule Every Time

Your team doesn’t want a paper calendar or whiteboard schedule hung up in the office to know when they work. What they really need is the capability to access their schedule anytime, anywhere. Shift Admin can sync their schedule to their preferred calendar app or allow administration and support staff to view by a read-only link, making it easy for any team member to view the most up-to-date version of the schedule.

Simplify the On-Call Schedule  

Seeing shifts in real time means employees are well-prepared for their workload. More importantly, it allows team members to know who to contact in a moment’s notice when paging the on-call physician. Your team can always know who’s on call to avoid chaos or confusion during an emergency, saving you stress and costly mistakes.

Equip Providers With Online Scheduling Tools

Time-off requests submitted on paper, by email, or in passing can create a complicated mess. Rather than relying on a time-off request process that might never enter the system, digital scheduling software allows providers to easily submit requests directly online. This process makes it simpler to track and approve requests, ensuring time away is balanced between coworkers and your facility is well-staffed for every shift.

Digital scheduling also allows providers to manage shift preferences and switch shifts online without needing the scheduler as a middle-man. Instead, the schedule can easily adjust to changes and sync to every subscriber’s device in seconds.

Integrate with Hospital Processes

Your facility’s payroll team needs access to the number of hours each employee works along with their pay rate and how many hours were completed–all while making sure that the employee doesn’t accrue too much overtime or go beyond the constraints of their contract. By integrating your scheduling software with other hospital systems, such as HR tools and payroll, your entire team will be in-the-know and each team member will have the resources they need to complete their work–all without having you process regular reports to supply them this information.

Make Schedule Creation Smarter

And finally – your position as the scheduler. Scheduling software allows you to attribute weighted rules and schedule restraints to the scheduling algorithm, letting the scheduler generate an optimized schedule that’s created with clear logic and checks and balances. Even better, scheduling software like Shift Admin can process the schedule even after you close your browser or log off your computer. You can return on your next login to your computer to review the latest version of the schedule.

Creating a schedule should take your team’s preferences, facility’s restraints, and patients’ needs to create one cohesive schedule and relieve you of the headache of creating that schedule. Help your coworkers see the ways scheduling software directly affects and benefits each of them, and encourage them as they adopt the tools that create the most optimized schedules possible.

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