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Making the Case for a Scheduling Software Upgrade

Posted by Shift Admin on May 7, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Now that you know what the issues with scheduling software look like, it’s time to find a solution. And truthfully, a scheduling software upgrade is the only way to alleviate your problems and enable you to create better schedules.

Why should you consider an upgrade to new software? Let’s find out.

It will save time.

Automated software turns days into minutes with weighted rules, patterns, and preferences that create an optimized schedule that is built around requests, and not the other way around.

It will save money.

Make schedule accessibility, distribution, and communication seamless with real-time updates for all users from any location. Sync schedules with preferred mobile calendar applications, submit requests and make changes in one easy-to-use place.

It will generate fewer errors.

No more costly errors, no more manual editing, and no more human error. Set your preferences, sit back, and watch as automation does the hard work for you.

It will offer more functionality.

Scheduling software should be a tool that enables you to accomplish your single most crucial task, not a barrier that stands in the way. Choose software that is capable of helping you make more well-informed decisions and adjustments on future schedules.

It will provide more reliable support.

If your current scheduling process does not offer support, then it’s time to switch to one that does. Having a team behind you that understands the full scope of your needs (and everything that it will take to meet them) is the best way to excel in your role.

If you’re tired of dealing with consistent scheduling fallbacks and pitfalls, then it’s time for a scheduling software upgrade. Click the button below to take your provider scheduling process to the next level.


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