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Human Resources Reports Available With Shift Admin

Posted by Shift Admin on October 16, 2018 at 7:01 AM

Human resources reports are an important aspect of your group’s ability to manage personnel and gain insight into all of the departments. Pulling the right reports gives upper management the clearest statistics needed to make informed decisions about every aspect of your group’s business needs.

Not only does Shift Admin help you create a fair, balanced schedule – ensuring you have the best providers available to treat patients – but its built-in payroll and human resources system streamlines more than just a diagrammed schedule.

Let’s take a look at some of the top statistics and payroll features you can utilize with Shift Admin.

Shifts by Time Frame

This report lets you see an overview of the number of shifts, hours, nights, weekends, weekend nights, holidays, vacation, etc. for any given time frame.

Shift Changes Report

Run this report to see details of trades, pickups and giveaways made by providers in your group.

Shift Distribution Report

This report allows you to see the number of times each user worked each shift in any     

given time frame.

Custom Hours Report

A custom hours report gives you the ability to view hours logged outside of scheduled shift work for any categories you create (i.e. Admin, training, meetings, charting, etc.).

Read More: Make it easy to integrate with third-party payroll services.Schedule Request Report

This report shows you the number and type of requests submitted by each user during any given period of time.

Payroll Reports

This feature includes timesheets, pay adjustments, and can be customized to include any data you may need.

Shift Groups Reports

These reports allow the group administrator to pull specific information(total number of hours, shifts, percentages) regarding any combination of shifts.

All of these statistics and reports can be downloaded in an Excel or other spreadsheet format for further use and manipulation. Digitalization in human resources is revolutionizing the way we do things in medical facilities, freeing up critical time for other management duties.

If you’re looking for a smarter way to do scheduling, there’s no better system out there. Shift Admin will improve your workflow dramatically. If you’re spending days on creating the schedule for your group and then rushing through human resources reports, it’s time for a change.

To see how much easier life can get by using Shift Admin’s world-class algorithm tailored to suit your needs, schedule a free, web-based demo today.

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