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How Your Sleep Schedule is Affecting Your Job Performance

Posted by Shift Admin on December 11, 2018 at 6:03 AM

The studies are clear. Working adults across all industries aren’t getting enough sleep. More than 36 percent of all workers are sleeping less than 7 hours a night, according to the CDC.

Let’s explore how your sleep schedule is affecting how you do your job and what to do about it.

Reduced Productivity

Sleep is essential to your body. You are not physically capable of basic functions when you don’t get enough sleep. Work/life balance has been a main topic of discussion for many years, and there’s good reason why.

Bottom line, sleep needs to be a priority to everyone, but especially to health care providers.

Less Effective Teamwork

Zombies aren’t able to provide quality care to patients in need of medical attention. As the person in charge of creating the schedule, it’s on you to make sure that providers and their wellness are taken into consideration.

Your team will be giving 110 percent if they have a flexible schedule that is not only tailored to their individual needs, but optimized for the entire group as well.

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It’s Getting in the Way of Effective Leadership

A Harvard Business Review survey found that four out of 10 business leaders say they don’t get enough sleep four nights out of the week. The survey indicates lack of sleep directly affects your ability to lead effectively.

If you’re in a position of leadership – from directing patient care to creating the schedule – your sleep schedule influences your output. You could be pulling double duty as a provider and the schedule creator, causing an especially long to-do list at work and limited time at home. Or it could mean that you’re constantly revisiting your tasks, tweaking the schedule because of changes or updating errors made from manually crafting the schedule in a spreadsheet.

Take any measure you can to reduce friction in your workload, step away from work and have a solid sleep schedule, and improve your opportunities to be a strong leader. With each change, you can more effectively lead your group and care for patients.

You Need a Way to Keep Up With Diverse Schedules

There are many ways to organize your schedule, and you may have found a way to make it work for your group. Think about how much easier your job would be if you could ensure all of your providers could have a schedule that makes sense for them and that takes less time for you to create. That automatically means less stress for your entire group.

Due to the nature of healthcare shifts and schedules, sometimes mapping out when a provider is off – and therefore able to sleep – is an afterthought (or not as important as having a fully-staffed schedule). With your group’s diverse scheduling needs, you need a software that balances customized inputs and ensures each team member has ample time to rest. Using Shift Admin can help you keep up with all of your group’s complex schedules and is the ideal way to track hours, vacation time, and on-call schedules from any device.

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