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How Your Schedule Process Impacts Your Effectiveness as an Admin

Posted by Shift Admin on February 19, 2019 at 9:00 AM

As a group administrator, you know better than anyone how complicated and time-consuming it is to create the best schedule while also managing your department effectively. Luckily, automated scheduling software can impact your effectiveness as a group administrator, empowering you to both schedule and manage providers with ease. Let’s take a look at how.

Manage Efficiently

With a full work week like yours, manually creating a fully-optimized schedule by hand just isn’t realistic, but automated schedule generation allows you to do far more work in far less time. What used to take hours (or in some cases, days or weeks) can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes, allowing you to turn your attention to other matters without fear of scheduling errors that will require manual correction later down the line.

In addition to automation, this software can also aid you in making more informed scheduling decisions by offering customized reporting and statistics that can cover a number of things:

  • Detailed group statistics reports

  • Group shift distribution reports

  • Detailed timesheet reports

  • Custom payroll reports

All of the tools that you need to manage your department as efficiently as possible can be found in a single web-based solution.

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Creating a schedule that caters to the countless rules and requests typically found in a group of providers is one of the most difficult tasks that group administrators face. When it comes to something as important as getting a fair and fully-staffed schedule right the first time, cookie-cutter and off-the-shelf approaches just won’t cut it. Thankfully, customizable schedule generation software is an option. Creating custom rules makes it easy to generate an equitable, fully-staffed schedule, making it easier to keep everyone on staff happy; in turn, saving you both time and headaches.

Awesome Use Cases for Custom Rules in Automated Schedule Creation


Web-based scheduling software not only streamlines the scheduling process but also functions as a communication center that features a number of different tools that allow for communication and updates between administrators and users. This means that users can update and access scheduling information in real-time, allowing users to know when they’re working, know who’s on call, know when there’s a shift available for pick-up, and much, much more. Seamless communication has never been this easy and efficient.

Scheduling is a difficult task that can be made easy by adopting Shift Admin, an automated medical scheduling software unlike any other. Don’t take our word for it; click below to request a demo and see for yourself.

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