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7 Ways Your Provider Scheduling Software Benefits Your IT Team

Posted by Shift Admin on May 22, 2018 at 6:30 AM

Updated: July 24, 2020

Congratulations! Your group has decided to adopt an automated, web-based scheduling software that will save your physician scheduler a tremendous amount of time while also ensuring that schedules are as optimized as possible.

Your IT team, however, probably wonders what new software means for them. Thankfully, adopting web-based provider scheduling software offers added benefits for the entire team.

The Benefits of Web-Based Provider Scheduling Software

  1. Provider scheduling software (like the one provided by Shift Admin, for example) is web-based. That means that there’s nothing to download, and it comes with a dedicated support team, thus freeing your IT team’s shoulders of yet another burdensome task.

  2. Creating schedules on a web-based platform saves a tremendous amount of time that would otherwise be spent doing the task manually. Every team, including IT, can benefit from a schedule created quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

  3. Because of this saved time, the scheduling administrator is freed from the task of manual scheduling to pursue other projects and goals, while the IT team is freed from additional management and upkeep tasks. More time = boosts in productivity = boosts in revenue.

  4. Web-based scheduling software allows employees to access schedules remotely and at any time. That includes 24/7 access through their mobile devices and/or on their own app.

  5. No more scattered requests via email, text, paper, and pen — web-based scheduling software allows time-off requests to be submitted and tracked in a centralized location. This type of software is also capable of keeping employee information easily accessible for schedulers and fellow employees alike.

  6. High-quality provider scheduling software also allows for the seamless integration of other software systems, including insightful reporting, payroll, time-tracking, and more.

  7. Scheduling software is customizable, whereby all parameters are weighted (i.e., given a priority) based on the importance they are met over other parameters. The best part is that no matter how complex these parameters may become, scheduling software is capable of handling them and still creating the best possible schedule.

So, if your IT department is skeptical about the introduction of a provider scheduling software like Shift Admin, these benefits are a great place to start.

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