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How to Manage Iterations of the Provider Schedule

Posted by Shift Admin on November 14, 2017 at 6:17 AM

Updated: August 2020

Creating provider schedules is an iterative process, meaning that multiple versions must be generated before the most optimized one is found.

But wait… I thought generation was done in minutes?

That’s still true! Each iteration of a schedule can be generated in an average of 20 minutes, but the automated system must run multiple iterations to become its most fully-optimized version. With each iteration comes important data points that show you statistics for individual providers and shifts with a list of rule violations that occurred during each one.

With these stats, you can adjust rules, weights, and requests for that period once again. From there, rerun the generator, and repeat. With each iteration, comes a finer-tuned schedule with fewer and fewer mistakes.

Won’t multiple versions of the same provider schedules cause confusion, though?

Nope! Your providers will only receive the final, most fine-tuned version of the schedule that you’re creating. Once you have adjusted the schedule as much as possible and it has reached its most optimal state, you can then choose to publish the schedule, making it viewable to users.

Did some problems arise after the schedule was already published? Don’t worry — we’ve thought of that. If any changes need to be made, the schedule will automatically be updated across the board in real-time. Just as the schedule generator requires fewer changes over time, you will be able to make revisions faster over time. And as you onboard new providers, you’ll recognize quickly whether or not their preferences will require a custom rule.

If your group is transitioning from old, outdated, and/or manual scheduling processes to automated schedule generation, it’s important to keep pushing and working at perfecting the process, regardless of how intimidating it may seem at first. The more schedules you generate, the fewer iterations you’ll need to manage in the future. As you get used to allowing the schedule generator to do the heavy lifting of building schedules, you’ll see just how tedious and time-consuming your old method really was.

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