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How to Integrate With Third-Party Payroll Services in Shift Admin

Posted by Shift Admin on July 17, 2018 at 6:03 AM

Implementing a new scheduling software takes some planning to ensure a smooth transition, and once you’re up and running, you’ll eliminate the hours needed to create a manual schedule or to separately calculate attendance and payroll.

Shift Admin makes your group’s transition easier by helping you configure your third-party payroll service. Our helpful team of experts builds out and configures your payroll and scheduling interfaces at the beginning, making it really easy to implement efficient changes for your whole department.

Here’s what you need to know about merging your payroll into your new, world-class scheduling software.

Built to fit your facility’s needs  

Several payroll systems have their own file export specifications, making it difficult to know how to incorporate it into a new department software. To make it easier, Shift Admin can be customized to your department’s payroll specifications so you don’t have to manually key in data from your payroll service.

Shift Admin has already built exports to integrate with the following payroll services, but is not limited to integrating with just those in this list:  

  • ADP
  • Paylocity
  • Paycor
  • Paychex
  • Payroll Network
  • APS

We are able to customize those exports and integrations to handle a wide range of situations and pay types, including hourly and shift pay, differential pay, vacation/PTO pay, meetings, trainings, and bonuses.

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Built-in reporting options

In addition to building exports for certain payroll systems, Shift Admin also has a multitude of built-in reporting options, allowing clients to obtain all the necessary data they need for handling payroll, which can be provided to your accounting or bookkeeping company as needed.

Many clients also utilize the built-in payroll functionality within Shift Admin that allows for the full calculation of pay instead of just hours/shifts reporting.

Custom integration

If you’re utilizing a payroll system we have not yet worked with, our team of software engineers will develop a new integration with that system, whether via exports, file transfers, or APIs.

Shift Admin offers a robust statistics tracking package that allows administrators to track shifts, hours, nights, weekends, holidays, pay, and much more. We can also build custom reports and exports to meet any extra needs or preferences.

Not only are you getting a scheduling algorithm that has been enhanced and perfected over the past 20+ years by scheduling experts, our software can be tailored to your facility’s unique preferences.

Payroll integration saves you time

With our comprehensive built-in payroll system enabled, it’s easy to manage pay rates, generate reports, and integrate with other 3rd party payroll vendors and to calculate data based on the provider schedule. Enabling seamless integration improves workflow, increases efficiency, and reduces human error.

Payroll integration can save your facility countless, valuable hours, across multiple departments, improving the quality of life for your providers and ultimately, quality of care for your patients.

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