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How to Increase Your Productivity During Your Shift

Posted by Shift Admin on August 28, 2018 at 6:45 AM

Nothing kills productivity like being unprepared or stressed.

As a group administrator, you have a lot on your plate. You may be monitoring department compliance, payroll, human resources duties, and schedule creation, and that means your productivity is crucial to your team’s success. Providers rely on you to create a fair schedule, your bosses rely on you to submit reports that help them make decisions, and patients rely on your team to be a smooth-running operation to get the best care possible.

In order to help you get the most work done during your shift, we’ve outlined a few ways to help you increase your productivity. Let’s take a look.

Set priorities

Take stock of what you’re doing each day by writing a list of all of your tasks. You have several tasks and deadlines coming up, but what is the most important task you must complete today? What about this week? The highest priority task can be the most stressful and time-consuming, but start on this process first. For many group administrators, this means schedule creation. Set aside time to work through your provider schedule, but take note if this process seems to take a long time.

Identify what is urgent versus what is important – this will help you prioritize tasks and ensure you finish everything in a timely manner.

Keep a work diary

As you complete a task, jot it down in your planner. List the amount of time it took, roadblocks you faced, and any additional tips to increase your efficiency in the future. These notes can help you plan for the tasks ahead and avoid procrastination in the face of a deadline. By keeping notes on difficulty, length of time, and expectations from your group, this work diary can help you manage your obligations, stay on task, and prioritize better in the future.

Streamline communication

Clear communication is especially important working in healthcare. Make sure you’re communicating any changes or policy decisions in staff meetings and letting your colleagues provide feedback. If you’re an admin who has the responsibility of generating a schedule on behalf of providers, involve them in the process. Ask them for constructive criticism to help you streamline communication and create a better schedule.

With Shift Admin, it’s easy to facilitate communication between colleagues. Once you create the schedule, providers and staff can easily share their schedules with family, pick up extra shifts, and switch shifts with each other should something come up. You’ll have peace of mind knowing there aren’t any gaps in the schedule and you won’t have to return to your desk to rewrite the schedule should a swap occur.

Take a break

Numerous scientific studies have shown that taking several short breaks during the workday actually improves productivity. Stressful, fast-paced work environments are stimulating, so to keep you working top-notch, take a quick break to give your brain a time-out.

Get up out of your chair, walk around the building, grab a snack, or get some fresh air. Take a lunch break away from your desk or meet up with a colleague in the cafeteria. Practicing self-care helps you return to your computer refreshed and ready to tackle all of your obligations.

See how you can save time and start building a bigger, better schedule for your providers. Watch our video to see how Shift Admin can boost your productivity.

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