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How to Effectively Manage Changes in Your Practice

Posted by Shift Admin on January 23, 2018 at 6:40 AM

Change equals growth for many types of businesses, including healthcare. But change is a challenge, and effectively managing it is crucial.

Change is often difficult because it’s met with negativity, disinterest – even resistance. And healthcare is often more resistant to change than other organizations for a variety of reasons. Healthcare providers have been through challenging times before and are often confident that the status quo will return.

Nonetheless, there are many strategies and approaches you can take to manage change in your hospital or healthcare facility in a way that creates positive growth.

Maintain consistent communication

Frequent communication is always important during periods of change, and it’s wise to begin with an overview that includes the strategic reasons for the change. Include what each individual is expected to contribute and create a plan for how you provide information and when. Without proper communication, inaccurate information is often given and leads to false assumptions.

Create a vision of the future

Change is difficult if you can’t show those involved how much better things will be once the change, or changes, is implemented. There has to be a compelling reason that people want to change, including how it will improve your practice and make it more competitive.

Embrace technology

Technology is ever-changing and an excellent means to create positive change in your hospital or department. For instance, new scheduling software that results in greater efficiency with fewer hours of manual management frees those involved to focus on other tasks while avoiding potentially costly mistakes. Technology provides the means to implement change quickly while also saving money by replacing outdated or unnecessary processes.

Make it a team effort

Developing a team culture in which everyone is striving toward a common goal is important in effectively managing change. Encourage individuals to contribute ideas for the team while working toward the goal in their own role.

Create a clear path to change

Change management is only effective if there’s a definitive direction in how change will unfold through the practice. What department will initiate the change? When will other departments and individuals become involved? It’s important to answer those kinds of questions while making sure that everyone involved knows the path on which change will take place.

Remain steadfast along the way

Obstacles in the way of change include the ingrained habits and norms of individuals who don’t see that change is necessary for an organization to thrive. Perseverance and a commitment of time are necessary for the manager who initiates change to overcome hurdles along the way.

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