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How Much Time Can You Save With Newer Scheduling Software?

Posted by Shift Admin on September 11, 2018 at 7:30 AM

Implementing a new scheduling software will help you generate a fair schedule in a way that’s intuitive, smarter, and can save you a ton of time, especially compared to manual scheduling.

The ability to access detailed reports across your departments gives your group the capability to see what’s working efficiently and what’s not. Let’s take a look at some of the features that will save you time as the designated schedule creator.

Utilize automated features

You’ve painstakingly created schedules manually for a long time. Human resources reports take days, and it’s hard to focus on much else when you’re constantly tweaking the schedule. Not to mention all the time-off requests and general complaints in your inbox.

Shift Admin alleviates all of these scheduling frustrations. You’ll spend significantly less time creating the schedule because of Shift Admin’s robust scheduling algorithm and detailed, weighted rules that combine to create one fully-staffed and optimized schedule. Other hospital administrators will appreciate that your new scheduling software creates automated, organized reports, helping address the needs of payroll, HR, and more.

Web-based benefits

Because Shift Admin is completely web-based, you won’t have to worry about adding more pressure to your computers or IT team. No need to install a new software or troubleshoot all the hardware issues that arise when you add more to your already bogged down system because there’s nothing to download. On top of that, our web-based software comes with a dedicated Shift Admin support team, ready to help you create the best schedule or resolve a support ticket at any time of day.

Because Shift Admin is entirely web-based, your group will now have easier access to their schedules. Your team will no longer need to call the office for their schedule or wait for the spreadsheet to be emailed. All providers can access their schedule from anywhere with an internet connection!

Improved group communication

Our built-in communication tools make it easy for your team to collaborate, communicate, and submit schedule requests. Shift Admin users can sync their schedule to their preferred calendar app (i.e. Outlook, Google Cal, iCal, Sunbird, etc.)  and/or can allow support staff to view the group schedule via a read-only link, making it easy for any team member to view the most up-to-date version of the schedule. Additionally, users can share their personal schedule with family and friends via a read-only link, so loved ones can plan schedules around the Shift Admin user’s work schedule.

Most importantly, your new scheduling software can improve group communication during urgent scenarios that spring up in a moment’s notice. Shift Admin gives you access to the most up-to-date schedule at all times and has features that can allow your team to page the correct on-call provider and/or to send immediate text messages to particular providers.

Built-in payroll

Shift Admin can be customized to your department’s payroll specifications so you don’t have to manually key in data from your payroll service. We have integrated with a large number of payroll systems.  Even if you’re using a payroll system we have not yet worked with, our team of software engineers will develop a new integration with that system, whether via exports, file transfers, or APIs.

Payroll integration can save your team countless, valuable hours across multiple departments, make your group more efficient, and ultimately, improve the quality of care you provide to your patients.

Take on your role as a physician scheduler to create and optimize your team schedules easier and faster than ever. Get started with our free guide:

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