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Getting Used to the Shift Admin Interface

Posted by Shift Admin on September 4, 2018 at 6:40 AM

You’ve likely experienced firsthand the frustration that comes with a bad schedule. And if you talk to any other provider, they could probably also describe what it feels like to be on the losing end of an unfair or unbalanced schedule. Even worse, those providers can probably easily describe what it’s like to be overworked due to inefficient scheduling methods.

You may be concerned that adding a new scheduling software may further complicate things and the change would be too much stacked on top of everything else. But the ideal scheduling software should make every component of scheduling easier.

Today, we’ll cover some quick tips to help you and your team orient to the Shift Admin interface and begin creating more optimized schedules.

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Prepare your team

Use Shift Admin to create a schedule and test your configurations and rules. Then, prepare providers with login information along with information on how to use the system once the newly-generated schedule is published.

Work closely with administrators who will be creating or monitoring the schedule and include them in the onboarding process. Their insight and questions can help you configure your scheduling rules to perfectly match your group’s scheduling needs. And while our world-class algorithm is complex, we’ve created a simple, user-friendly interface that everyone can use, making it easier for different users to get exactly what they need when they log in.

Don’t forget: Shift Admin provides a training webinar that teaches the regular, non-admin users everything they need to know about the system in a 15 minute video.

Rely on your customer support rep

From our free demo to our world class support team, we will be there to help adjust your settings to be sure you are generating the most optimal schedules possible. Getting used to the Shift Admin interface won’t take as long as you think, and our support team will help you navigate your new software efficiently.

Our support portal and phone lines connect our customers with scheduling experts in a matter of a few minutes. If any questions come up, even long after training, the Shift Admin support team is available to help you make adjustments, troubleshoot errors, or further customize your account. Shift Admin’s goal is to help your group create the best schedule possible and our personalized, expert-led training can help your team do just that.

Expect an adjustment period

Whenever you implement any change in a department, it will take time to adjust. Be patient with yourself as you learn the new software, knowing that it is designed to make both the schedule and the schedule-creation process smarter and simpler. Shift Admin’s customizable scheduling algorithm is second to none, and it will create a schedule that benefits the scheduler, group, facility and, ultimately, the patients.

It used to take days or even weeks to create a complex schedule by hand, and those schedules were prone to overscheduled providers and still too many open shifts to fill. Now, your entire staff will benefit from the improved workflow and communication.

Enjoy spending less time creating schedules

Shift Admin is different because we generate fully-staffed, optimized schedules, freeing up your time. Once you’ve finally got all of your customized rules and group levels how you want them, sit back and relax as our powerful generator creates a fully-staffed, optimized schedule in minutes. No more gaps in the schedule, no more overscheduled providers, and no more confusion on which version of the schedule is correct.

Getting used to the Shift Admin interface is easy. As soon as you begin working with us, we’ll be 100% devoted to your group’s scheduling success.

Ready to move forward? Set up a free online demo of Shift Admin today.

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