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Customizing Your Shift Admin Account for Your Specialty

Posted by Shift Admin on September 1, 2017 at 6:02 AM

Shift Admin automatically generates shift-based schedules or rosters. The powerful tool is easily configured to fit the needs of any hospital or clinic regardless of size, specialty, or complexity.

Our experienced support team is available to walk organizations through the onboarding process step by step. With easy-to-implement set-up  on the front end, schedulers can generate a fully-staffed, fully-optimized schedule in minutes – not hours, not days.

Here are a few ways you can configure your Shift Admin account to fit your team.

Creating Groups

Within your organization’s account, you can create groups based on facility location, medical specialty, and job function – Attendings to Residents and Physician Assistants to Nurses; you name it. The combinations are unlimited.

Establishing groups based on your organizational structure is the first step to efficient schedule generation. The Shift Admin support team guides users through this process and has the experience you need to offer tips and best practices.

Group Level Settings

At this level, users can create rules and patterns that apply to a particular group. Each group and specialty have different needs. Shift Admin’s auto-generator can be configured to match unique scheduling needs for each group or specialty, including emergency medicine, anesthesia, radiology, urgent care, and much more.

Within each group, users can define shift settings. Each shift receives a custom name and must follow the associated rules and patterns defined by the user. Users can apply the following rules  to each shift:

  • Number of hours in a shift, as well as start and end time for each
  • Type of provider required for each shift
  • Limits to the minimum and maximum number of shifts a provider must cover in a period
  • Pay rates & differentials for each shift

At the group level, users can set up default or custom rules and patterns for shifts. The Shift Admin software has over 100 default rules built-in that can be applied to shifts “out of the box.” We also have a team of software engineers that are available to build as many custom rules and patterns as you need to generate a fair and optimized schedule for your organization.

User Level Settings

Beyond the group level, admins can customize settings for each provider. The user level stores necessary parameters such as individual physician preferences and pay rates. End users have access to trade or pick-up shifts and make time-off requests directly within the system.


Shift Admin’s web-based solution allows users to communicate via email or text message directly from the platform. Automated notifications can be turned on to alert users of published schedules or when shifts come available for pick-up. Users control the types of alerts they receive and whether they prefer emails or text messages.

Sharing a published schedule has never been easier. Providers can opt to sync the schedule straight to their preferred calendar app to view via computer, tablet, or smartphone. With public link sharing, office staff can bookmark links to each group schedule so that they always have access to a real-time, read-only version of the schedule.


The reporting possibilities with Shift Admin are endless. Administrators can track days, weekends, nonclinical time, and personnel utilization by adjusting default report views or requesting custom reports. The software engineers at Shift Admin can build custom reports to reflect whatever data a group might need.

The built-in payroll feature automatically generates gross pay rates for payroll staff to process. Report settings can be adjusted to give users the exact information they require. Users can export data to Excel documents. For easy data transfer, Shift Admin can build custom interfaces with 3rd party payroll vendors, such as Paychex, Paycor, and more. Beyond payroll, Shift Admin can integrate applications across hospital departments.

The team of software engineers at Shift Admin is ready and willing to customize settings across the platform to fit your organization’s needs.

Want to see what it’s like to generate a schedule in minutes? Request a demo today!

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