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Create Your Next Physician Schedule in Record Time

Posted by Shift Admin on August 24, 2017 at 11:09 PM

For the medical industry, the phrase “time is money” has never been more true. As a physician scheduler and a physician yourself, creating the schedule is only one part of your very busy job. There is zero time to waste manually creating and finalizing schedules for your group. Once you have the materials you need to get started, it’s time to map out the best schedule in the easiest manner possible.

Here’s how you can create and finalize a schedule in record time, while saving valuable time in your own schedule.

Simplify Schedule Requests

Gone are the days of wading through schedule requests sent via email. Manually collecting and approving such requests is a headache-inducing process that can take hours out of your day. With Shift Admin, requests are submitted through the system and kept in the centrally located master request calendar. As the scheduler, Shift Admin gives you the power to review the calendar, deny or change any requests as needed, and even enter fixed requests for per diems, locums, or fixed users.

With an intuitive user interface, all of this can be done in minutes, not hours.

Define Schedule Period Rules

During the initial configuration of Shift Admin, you will define and customize rules at the group level that will automatically apply to each schedule generation going forward. However, you may find that you need to make adjustments to rules within a single schedule period. For example, a provider may request an extended vacation. It is possible to adjust rules for that provider within a single period. The Shift Admin interface makes it easy to meet these accommodations.

Launch the Schedule

Once you finish approving requests and defining any necessary rules for the schedule period, you’re ready to launch. Simply click the “Generate” button and the work begins. The auto-generator runs on Shift Admin servers, meaning you can log out of the system and carry on with your normal work routine. The new schedule will complete in minutes - not hours, not days. Return at your convenience to review the completed schedule.

Distribute in Real Time

Now you’re probably thinking it is time to print and distribute hard copies of the schedule to providers, nurses, and support staff. You don’t! Schedules can automatically sync with providers’ preferred calendar apps, such as iCal or Outlook. Additional staff have the ability to subscribe to the schedule and receive real-time updates. With Shift Admin’s 100% web-based platform, users can view the schedule on any device--phone, tablet, or computer.

Shift Control to Providers

With a manual system, the scheduler is responsible for managing shift trades and unexpected time-off requests. After you publish, you may spend a large section of your day updating and releasing hard copies of the schedule multiple times. Not anymore. In Shift Admin, individual users have the autonomy to manage their own schedule updates. Providers can trade or pick up open shifts within the system. And the best part? All of this happens while you are back to handling your other duties, like providing the best in patient care.

Creating a physician schedule should be a smart, simple, and repeatable process that happens in minutes, not days. Shift Admin’s world-class scheduling algorithm and simple, powerful user interface can vastly improve your scheduling efficiency and accuracy. When you have the right data and tools, creating a physician schedule for your team is a snap - not a headache.

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