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Choosing Provider Scheduling Software that Aligns with Your Core Values

Posted by Shift Admin on August 7, 2020 at 4:07 PM

When it comes to choosing a provider scheduling software, exciting, industry-leading features are one thing. But having a meaningful relationship with your scheduling vendor is something that will make those features even better and your experience even more positive.

Relationships are most successful when the two parties involved share core values. These are ours.

People Matter Most

Plain and simple. At Shift Admin, we believe that our business is built on high character and passionate, talented people. And we’re proud to have organically grown our business by doing business with people that share that belief!

No Egos

No smoke and mirrors here — what you see is what you get with our team. At Shift Admin, no one is “too good” for anything, humility is valued, and every voice counts!


Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. We understand that the trust of our clients is carefully won, easily lost, and supremely important!


Shift Admin works tirelessly to be the best that we can be for our clients at every possible turn, and we don’t like making mistakes. We believe that every support call, every new feature release, and every sales demo should be nothing short of top-notch. Because if we’re not trying to be the best that we can be, then what are we doing?

Helps First

“The customer comes first” may sound like a tired old trope to many, but it certainly isn’t around here. That mentality is still as true as it was the first day that we started doing business, and it will ring true with every new client that we have the pleasure of meeting and doing business with. Internally, we share burdens. Externally, we remove burdens. Because everyone needs a helping hand every now and then.


Working in healthcare is entirely too stressful to have to deal with an uptight provider scheduling software vendor. Here, you’ll find smiling, personable staff members that are committed to making clients happy. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

Shift Admin places our core values at the center of everything that we do, both internally and externally. It’s on these that we build our award-winning provider scheduling software products, and we are so eager to do the same for you and your group.

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