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Buying into Your Scheduling Software Shouldn't Be a Headache

Posted by Shift Admin on September 28, 2017 at 6:09 AM

Provider scheduling software aims to give you back critical hours in your day, and the onboarding process should be no different. The solution you choose to implement must be straightforward and backed by a responsive and experienced customer service team.

Today we are discussing a few ways to ensure that onboarding scheduling software is not a headache, as well as how to get buy in from your team.

Trust Your Customer Support Rep

As you embark on your implementation journey, you will be assigned a customer support representative. Your rep knows the software inside and out and will guide you through setting up your account step-by-step, similar to how a Sherpa helps people climb Mount Everest. But don’t worry, the climb we are making is nowhere near as difficult.

Your support rep will also help you to thoroughly document the new scheduling process and store this information in the document center of your account. You will also be exposed to a new vocabulary as you navigate your account. The support rep can help you put terms like groups, facilities, roles, and contracts into the context of scheduling software.

At Shift Admin, our customer support reps have helped over 3,700 facilities successfully configure their new software. There is very little they haven’t seen. Trust your rep to provide you with strategy and best practices for organizing your account and configuring default rules or to customize new rules in unique situations.

Prepare Your Information

Your customer service team will launch the initial configuration of your new account. For best results, you should be prepared to supply copies of past schedules, a list of providers, your shifts, and any additional users for your account, such as payroll users. This information will be imported for you initially, and as the administrator, you can go back and modify it at any time.

Following the initial configuration, customer support will assist you with configuring your account to match your specialty. This is where you will configure communication preferences and settings at the group, user, and shift level. After that, you can move on to configuring rules and requesting any necessary customizations.

Host a Kickoff Meeting

At this point in the process, it’s helpful to host a kickoff meeting with your entire team to get everyone in sync with the new program. If you are not a physician yourself, it may be beneficial to enlist the help of a physician champion for the new software. During this meeting you or the champion can explain why your hospital or clinic is making this change. Effectively communicating the why can help get those who are resistant to change on board.

Next, it’s time to set the stage. Give attendees a preview of the easy-to-use interface so they can see how the new schedule will look, how to subscribe to a schedule, and how to efficiently submit their requests. You may even invite other hospital staff to show them how they can access the new web-based schedule in real-time from any device.

Get Help Quick

Once you have effectively onboarded your users and configured your account, you can begin scheduling with ease! At Shift Admin, we supply our users with ongoing support at no extra charge. Our US-based technical support team is incredibly responsive and can typically resolve tickets within minutes. We believe that scheduling software should not be a pain to use, nor should it be overly complicated. We encourage all users to lean on our experienced team throughout the transition.

Overall, you’ll find that providers are more satisfied with fair, rules-based scheduling practices that are built on policy, not politics. Even those who are resistant to change will adjust. And you will quickly notice that managing the schedule no longer eats up the majority of your time.

Looking to change the way you manage scheduling? Set up a web meeting with our team to discuss your current challenges and possible solutions.

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