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Awesome Use Cases for Custom Rules in Automated Schedule Creation

Posted by Shift Admin on April 24, 2018 at 6:45 AM

While it’s always a challenge to create the optimal work schedule, using scheduling software makes it a goal that at least is within reach. But without customized, weighted rules built into that software, you’re relying on overly rigid guidelines that may not fit your facility’s priorities or the needs of its providers.

In turn, that can easily result in a schedule that – while it saved time when compared to a manual schedule – doesn’t make you or your providers happy or satisfied. It can also create a situation in which providers are overworked and risk burnout.

There are plenty of other reasons for creating scheduling software rules that fit your needs and not the needs of another group administrator or facility. Customizable rules that accommodate the needs of your team simply help you schedule smarter.

Shift Admin’s scheduling software has over 100 default rules from which to choose from, making it easy to find the right rules to fit your organization and team of providers. Here are some examples of why software scheduling with customizable rules makes your job easier.

1. Specific Schedule Requests

You may have a provider who can only work nights on Wednesdays or can’t work evenings on Thursday because his or her child has an ongoing school activity. Customizable rules allow you to factor these requests into your schedule while still creating an equitable schedule quickly.

2. Match a Provider to Their Contract

Scheduling rules also allow you to take each provider’s contract guidelines and restrictions into account, along with his or her stated preferences. A senior provider, for instance, may by contract only work a certain number of days per week. The scheduling software can accommodate this type of rule while still creating an optimized schedule. In addition, ensure that your facility stays compliant with your state’s work regulations. For example, create a custom rule to prevent hourly employees from violating overtime regulations in complicated states like California.

3. Accommodate Providers With Families

When your provider is one of two working parents, it may be necessary to adjust the schedule to accommodate their family’s needs. In addition, several facilities across the nation find they need to balance the provider schedule around unique childcare needs of married couples who both work for the group. With custom rules, providers’ schedules can be accommodated and every schedule can be filled.

4. Balance the Productivity of the Schedule

Your facility needs to be run as productively as possible at all times. Create custom rules within your schedule generator to avoid scheduling too many slow providers together (or too many fast providers together) and aim to spread out providers with clashing personalities or work styles. Further balance the output of your group by using your generator to automatically choose between different shift coverage options based on provider productivity and patient volume expectations.


Your facility isn’t limited to 100 rules, either. By working directly with the Shift Admin support team, you’ll be able to have additional rules built by our software engineers for specific situations as a means to highlight your team’s priorities and current needs. This ultra-customization makes our scheduler adaptable to any need or situation your group may have.


Scheduling software might be a huge change from what you’re doing now – is it worth it to switch? Review the pros and cons of scheduling software now:

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