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6 Reasons Why You Need a Great Support Team With Your Scheduling Software

Posted by Shift Admin on June 5, 2018 at 6:30 AM

Once you’ve implemented your new scheduling software, it’s essential you have a reliable support team to help you make the best possible schedule. Technical issues with the settings and schedule requests may interfere with your ability to make an optimized schedule, but a friendly, knowledgeable tech support team can get you back on track in no time.

Let’s cover the top reasons why you need a solid support team for your schedule management software:

1. In-depth training

As a new customer, your scheduling software support team should provide detailed training to each scheduler. Gather each team member or decision maker who is involved in the schedule-creation process and connect them with your new, great support team. This support team will help the schedulers with the basics – from how to enter rules for the providers to generating schedules to helping them get used to the interface. They’ll also point out opportunities for customization and how to optimize your group’s weighted rules. Ask about ongoing training as your team grows and/or if your shifts or rules change, and be sure to ask questions at any time to get the most out of your new scheduling solution.  

Find a support team that provides helpful training and will be with you every step of the way should issues arise.

2. Timely assistance

You work in healthcare, not IT. When you first start creating schedules, be in regular contact with your software support team so they can help you be as efficient as possible when you create schedules.

If you’ve made the decision to work with Shift Admin to create optimized  schedules, know that you have access to a brilliant support team whenever you need it. In fact, we’re able to resolve most support tickets in a matter of minutes.

3. Schedule collaboration

Trying to convert your manual scheduling process into a new software isn’t going to be seamless, and you know you don’t want to go down the same, inefficient rabbit trails of scheduling. You need to work with a technical support team that can help you as you optimize your settings and create the best schedule possible.

By collaborating with your support team on your first few cycles of the schedule, you will save a ton of time and learn insider tips on getting the most out of your software. A great support team will talk you through any scheduling error or rule conflict and optimize your rules and/or weights to create complete, optimized schedules for your group.

4. Scheduling expertise

The Shift Admin team has a lot of experience in scheduling, and even more at optimizing schedules to each and every group’s needs. We’ve compiled a great FAQ and How-To section on our website, outlining the best resources to help you solve your scheduling questions. We built this software, and several of us are physicians, so we know how to customize scheduling for medical professionals.

5. Reliability

While we’ve created an online bank of resources, we also know that online forums and FAQ sections can only take you so far – that’s why our real life scheduling experts are available to you through a quick call or chat.

The Shift Admin support team is U.S.-based and on hand to help you answer any tricky scheduling questions as you work to create the most optimized schedule possible, no matter what time of day. Submit a support ticket, and your problem will be solved quickly.

6. Bang For Your Buck

Some scheduling software platforms will boast great results and amazing customization. But in reality, it’s likely an inefficient scheduling mess that will cause more issues and take more time than just creating the schedule by hand. Your medical scheduling software should provide you with years of reliable service and should support you through thick and thin to create the best possible schedule...every time.

On top of that, a trusted scheduling software should be affordable, packed with features and customization options, and make complete, optimized schedules. The scheduling software that provides the best support, best tools, and creates the best group schedule will be the best bang for your buck. We think that adds up to Shift Admin as the winner, each and every time.

Scheduling is a heavy load. But with a top-notch customer service team, it won’t be a burden only you have to bear. Rely on the best support possible with Shift Admin.

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