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5 Tips for More Effective Provider Meetings

Posted by Shift Admin on June 19, 2018 at 6:10 AM

When it comes to team meetings, follow the “Golden Rule.”

We’ve all been to boring, unproductive, or off-topic meetings. And we probably have all pretended to appear engaged while we’re actually trying to find the best GIF to describe the meeting and share it with your colleague across the room.

But team meetings are essential to ensure your facility operates smoothly and safely. As an employee, you have a duty to ensure your group works hard, stays focused, and provides patients with world-class quality care. And by working hard to have motivating, focused, effective provider meetings, you can help your group work better and smarter.

Keep your team focused and productive with these meeting tips:

1. Remember That Time is Precious

Consult your group’s schedule to establish a consistent, profitable time for provider meetings. Schedule a short, efficient meeting and stick to that time limit. Be on time, have a plan for each meeting, and share the agenda before you arrive so that all providers can give thoughtful input. Know when to open the floor for comments, and be thoughtful in directing the conversation to stay on-topic and productive the whole time.

Remember: this is a time for your group to be actively engaged in solving problems and discussing group topics, so be sure you’re hosting the type of meeting YOU would want to attend yourself.

2. Outline a Clear Agenda

The best way to have a productive meeting is to start on time and follow an agenda. Type it out, share it with other administrators for their feedback, revise, then share with your team. Within your meeting agenda, establish a consistent pattern for each meeting. For example, by starting with “new business” or “provider check-ins” and closing with “small group problem solving,” your providers will know how to be prepared and contribute their best solutions and ideas at each meeting.

3. Encourage Open Discussion

After your meetings, ask for honest feedback from your colleagues with the intent to make your meeting times more efficient and effective for your group. Be prepared to follow-up any criticism – constructive or not – with thoughtful action, changes, or ongoing conversations. It’s possible that your meetings won’t become perfect overnight, but through regular feedback and open discussion, your group will be able to know their voices are heard and feel as though their time in meetings is valuable.

Be sure to encourage open dialogue within the meeting time, too. Have clear discussion questions or requests for opinions from your colleagues. However, if a staff meeting suddenly takes a turn for the worse, explain that complaints about office policies are welcomed, but personal attacks and interpersonal conflicts are off limits.

4. Celebrate Successes

No one wants to have non-stop Debbie Downer discussions at team meetings.

Keep a list of provider accomplishments and group successes and share those with your team on a regular basis. Be genuine in expressing the influence these positive experiences have on the overall success of your facility, and use them to keep morale high and celebrate your team’s victories and breakthroughs.

5. Keep Minutes

Have a staff member take notes each meeting to help your team work through problems and see resolution and purpose to your group discussions. Plus, clear and focused minutes will allow you to create productive agendas for your subsequent meetings and keep all of your providers on the same page.

Team meetings are a valuable time for your group. With these tips for focused, efficient meetings, you will keep your facility on-track and running smoothly, and help keep both your providers and patients satisfied.

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