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3 Current Trends in Physician Scheduling

Posted by Ben Moon on August 12, 2019 at 10:34 AM
Ben Moon
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Healthcare and HIT are ever-evolving, and with them, physician scheduling; it’s the true nature of the industry, and it is to be expected. For that reason, it helps to have some professional insight into what the current industry trends are to make better decisions on behalf of your group.

Here’s a quick look at three of the major shifts in physician scheduling that we are currently seeing at Shift Admin.

Predictive Modeling

One of the moves the industry is making (and that groups are asking for) is toward predictive modeling. Users want to input historical data and physician performance data and have the system predict how much coverage they'll need on any given day, and which physicians would be best to cover it. In fact, this type of functionality is one that we are currently promoting at Shift Admin.

Existence of Outdated Methods

We are still, to this day, seeing lots of groups switch to us from outdated methods of hand-making their schedule in Excel spreadsheets or even with pen and paper! The amount of time that our customers who transition from these methods save in schedule creation and day-to-day management of the schedule is undeniable.

A Need for Scalability

We provide demos to many groups that are growing very quickly, and they are all wanting a scheduling solution that can grow and scale with them. This is especially true in the urgent care sector. Shift Admin is the best solution for this, as the schedulers themselves can add facilities, shifts, users, and rules at any time with or without help from our support team. Also, there is no charge for simply adding these things. Some other companies charge a new user setup fee for simply adding users to their existing account.

In an industry that is constantly changing, it helps to have access to a tool that is aware of these changes and is actively considering what it means to stay ahead of them and navigate them effectively.

When it comes to physician scheduling, Shift Admin can do just that. Click below to request your free demo to see what our software can do for you and your group.

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