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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Provider Schedule

Posted by Shift Admin on October 17, 2017 at 6:01 AM

Anyone who’s ever created a provider schedule knows - there is little room, or time, for mistakes. And nothing is more frustrating than having to update a schedule multiple times after it has been posted and shared across your practice.

Today we are discussing three common mistakes in provider scheduling and how you can avoid them in the future.

Assigning a provider a morning shift followed by a late night shift

Or perhaps, scheduling a single provider to cover shifts in two separate facilities. This and other pattern violations or shift missteps occur quite often with manual schedule creation. There are simply too many moving parts to avoid these types of mistakes.

These mistakes are preventable with a rules-based schedule generator. You can configure rules during the initial setup to maintain accurate shift assignments across your group or specialty. Apply weight to prioritize rules and enable the system to mimic human logic when generating the schedule. This will ensure you end with a fully-staffed schedule that has no “holes” or open shifts, every time.

Missing important day off requests

There is no better way to irritate your colleagues  than to make them think you deliberately ignored their request for time off. However, if you are still receiving schedule requests via email, it’s easy to miss something once in awhile. Using a centralized master request calendar is the most efficient method for ensuring each provider’s request is received and addressed promptly. With Shift Admin’s scheduling software, providers submit requests through the system and even have the ability to assign a priority of low, medium, or high to each request, that way the schedule generator can best align with each provider’s preferred schedule and the burden is no longer on you.

Distributing multiple versions of the schedule

Paper schedules that require manual changes can create chaos for your hospital or clinic. In most cases, nursing and office staff need to be able to identify which provider is working in a moment’s notice. There is no time to track down the current version of a schedule or attempt to decipher another colleague’s handwriting. Shift Admin’s 100% web-based platform makes sharing updates to the provider schedule easy. Staff members have access to the current schedule in real-time via computer, tablet, or phone so that everyone is up to date.

If you’re currently creating provider schedules manually, it is easy to make these mistakes. Human error is inevitable. But with Shift Admin’s powerful online schedule generator, you can avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time you need to provide top of the line patient care.

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