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10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Physician Schedulers

Posted by Shift Admin on May 21, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Between the internet and the advent of social media platforms, it’s no secret that 2019 is an excellent time for easy access to information. Social media, in particular, provides people all over the world an expansive platform on which to gather news, communicate and learn new ideas, and connect with others working in their respective fields.

Here is our small collection of Twitter accounts that every physician scheduler should be following.

1. Healthcare IT News (@HealthITNews)

As “the Voice of Health IT,” Healthcare IT News has been covering the people, policy, and technology driving next-gen healthcare in the United States for more than 12 years. Follow them on Twitter to keep up with HIT trends, insights, and commentary.

2. Tom Sullivan (@SullyHIT)

Tom Sullivan is the Editor-in-Chief at Healthcare IT News and the Director of Content Development at HIMSS Media. On his Twitter feed, you’ll find a professional collection of HIT news and personal commentary.

3. NPR Health News (@NPRHealth)

Healthcare industry coverage from the Science Desk of one of the most critically acclaimed independent, nonprofit media organizations in the world.

4. Rob Stein (@robsteinnews)

Rob Stein is a correspondent and senior editor at NPR, whose feed focuses on health, medicine, and biomedical research.

5. Physician’s Weekly (@physicianswkly)

As one of the most trusted sources of medical news and information, Physician’s Weekly has been providing in-depth interviews, HCP-driven editorials, CME/CE, and more to top hospitals, medical centers, and private practices for more than 35 years.

6. Karen DeSalvo (@KBDeSalvo)

Dr. Karen DeSalvo, a Professor of Medicine and Population Health at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School and former National Coordinator for HIT and Secretary for Health in the Obama Administration, is a nationally-regarded leader in HIT.

7. MedPage Today (@medpagetoday)

MedPage Today provides daily, peer-reviewed medical news and resources for health care professionals.

8. Vineet Arora (@FutureDocs)

Dr. Vineet Arora is an assistant dean for curricular innovation at the Pritzker School of Medicine and an associate program director for the internal medicine residency program at the University of Chicago, as well as a member of the editorial board at Today’s Hospitalist. Her work focuses on resident duty hours, handoffs, professionalism, and quality of hospital care.

9. Today’s Hospitalist (@TodaysHospital)

Today’s Hospitalist publishes news surrounding practice management issues, quality improvement initiatives, career strategies, and other updates for those working in the field of hospital medicine.

10. The Health IT Exchange (@hitexchange)

The Health IT Exchange provides news, analysis, resources, and insights regarding important trends in healthcare information technology.

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