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Scheduling for Physicians by a Physician

Fast, Fair Scheduling Cares for Patients

Founded in 2007, Shift Admin serves 3,400 facilities and 55,000 scheduled users. Our software is rated best-in-class because we deliver on our promises: fair, fast scheduling that lets you focus on patient care. Fair scheduling honors time-off requests and equally distributes nights, weekend, and holiday shifts. Fast means we reduce schedule creation time by 60-70%.

The Background to Get It Done

Creating a best-in-class scheduling software takes a diverse team. Our leadership team includes two physicians. Our advisory board is made up of experts in rostering, statistics, and software engineering. Our board members have peer-reviewed articles on automated scheduling, computational algorithms, and mathematics. And we have the tech team to create the software.


Coding Before it was Cool

My interest in tech and computers began long before it was cool. I went from an interested kid to devoted teen. And even after the long years and hours of medical school and residency, I stayed interested in tech. During my residency, I cut my teeth in working tech with a side hustle in web design. After my residency, I developed the earliest version of ShiftAdmin. It was a simple shift trading board and communications tool for the early Internet.

As the web development company grew, I began to look for some outside programming help. Eventually, I met and hired Blake Birkenfeld. In a week Blake had completed all the tasks I had hoped to get done. And after six more months of independent contractor work, I convinced Blake to quit his job and work with me full-time.

Blake would go on to become the ShiftAdmin cofounder.

Shift Admin: Class Project to Easy Medical Scheduling

After several years I went back to Duke University to get my MBA. During my entrepreneurship class, I had to develop a business plan for a company. That business plan became ShiftAdmin. Blake spent 18 months coding the front end of the site with our key features: calendars, shift trades and swaps, statistics, and communication tools. ShiftAdmin launched in October 2008.


Patrick Hunt, MD, MBA

Our Core Values

Shift Admin’s six core values lived-out lead to high-performing partnerships.

How do you find customers that love you? By treating them as partners. At Shift Admin, we are committed to living out our six core values internally and externally. Otherwise, it’s just talk. Core value-driven partnerships are the Shift Admin way.

We’re all in this together—we improve provider schedules so providers can improve patient lives.


People Matter Most

As the people go, so goes the business. Shift Admin is built on high character and passionate, talented people. Our business has grown organically because we put people first.


No Egos

From top leadership down, no one is too good for anything. Humility is underrated in the world today. Nothing is below our pay grade. Every voice counts.



Without it nothing works. Plain and simple. The trust of our clients is carefully won, easily lost, and supremely important!



We don’t like making mistakes. Because our clients deserve the best. Every support call, every new feature, every sales demo. Excellence is our lifestyle.


Help First

Internally we share burdens. Externally we remove burdens. Because everyone needs a helping hand every now and then. And if we aren’t helping our customers, what are we here for?



Beware, only smiles here! Personable staff and happy clients. Working in healthcare is too stressful to deal with an uptight scheduling vendor. Don’t worry, we’ll keep our mad meme game to ourselves.