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Customizable Nursing Scheduling

With Shift Admin’s world-class scheduling software, nursing schedulers can:

  • Define and prioritize their own set of custom nursing scheduling rules.
  • Automatically generate fully-staffed nursing schedules based on those rules that are fair, equitable, and free of conflicts or holes.
  • Group shifts together, as preferred (i.e. in blocks, patterns).
  • Post open shifts for easy pick up by user, with bonus indicators available.
  • Distribute nights and weekends as preferred (evenly, by tenure, by contract, etc.).
  • Allow for appropriate post-night time off before returning to work.
  • Follow a circadian pattern to progress forward in time with successive shifts, if preferred.

Scheduling Software That Works


Shift Admin’s 100% web-based schedule generation and management platform effectively handles the unique staffing, payroll, and adaptability needs of large Nursing groups.

Burnout and understaffing are among the most significant threats that nursing departments face every day. These issues, which are often caused by inefficient, outdated manual scheduling methods, can pose serious long-term risks for nursing departments, their providers, and the most important thing to them both: the safety of their patients.

Shift Admin simplifies the nursing department management and schedule creation process.

In addition to the various functionality listed above, nursing clients can also utilize Shift Admin to monitor or prevent overtime to reduce costs. Furthermore, using our reporting tools and productivity module can help forecast provider demand to eliminate nurse overstaffing or understaffing. Finally, it can all be done within a single platform where you seamlessly manage your nursing schedules for a single location or across multiple sites.

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Our Customers Say It Best

Across the board, our nursing clients love us. Because we treat them as partners. Driving towards solutions, not sales. It's the Shift Admin way.


"At Adeptus Health, our nurses must have the ability to seamlessly communicate scheduling preferences to management as well as fellow team members. The Shift Admin software provides the tools necessary for nursing staff to efficiently and effectively do that within our hospitals and freestanding emergency departments. From the ease of inputting schedule requests and managing shift changes, the ability to operate the system from home or work, the decision to utilize the Shift Admin software for our nurse’s scheduling needs has truly been a great choice for us."

— Gerardo Martinez, Director of Organizational Development
Adeptus Health | Lewisville, TX

Clear Communication and Robust Reporting for Your Nursing Department

In addition to world-class schedule optimization, Shift Admin also offers a robust communication, reporting, and payroll platform that allows schedulers to:

  • Track hours and shifts to limit the number of consecutive night shifts worked.
  • Track weekends worked to ensure that they are fairly distributed.
  • Add base pay rates across multiple nursing departments.
  • Track premium and incentive pay.
  • Integrate third-party payroll functionality.
  • Enable nurses to view their schedules, submit requests, and trade shifts from their mobile devices.
  • Send mass text messages to quickly find a replacement for call-outs.
  • Monitor or prevent overtime to reduce costs.
  • Use reporting tools and predictive analytics to forecast patient volume and provider demand, thus eliminating nurse overstaffing and understaffing.
  • Seamlessly manage nursing schedules in a single location or across multiple sites.

If your nursing department has rules or limitations that do not fall within the confines of the standard default rules that Shift Admin offers, our team of experienced engineers can build a custom solution that meets your every need, no matter how complex it may be.

In the face of outdated nursing scheduling methods (and the risks that they pose), Shift Admin offers a simpler, more efficient approach to scheduling and department management. 

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