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How to Integrate Provider Scheduling Software with Hospital Services

Posted by Shift Admin on September 18, 2017 at 7:01 AM

Beyond powerful scheduling, there are many features within Shift Admin that enable seamless integration to improve workflow, increase efficiency, and reduce human error. Today we are focusing on how to integrate your provider schedule with existing hospital services.


Shift Admin users have access to the platform’s comprehensive built-in payroll system. With this feature enabled, it’s easy to manage pay rates, reporting, and integrate with other 3rd party payroll vendors and to calculate data based on the provider schedule.

Pay Rates & Differentials

Account administrators have the ability to add base pay rates across multiple facilities as well as add pay adjustments directly in the system. Admins can also build differentials and apply them to different groups, shifts, or providers to make payroll processing quick and efficient.


Organizations can grant members of the payroll department access to the platform for reporting purposes. Shift Admin’s easy-to-use interface makes generating detailed timesheets and custom payroll reports a simple process. Data can be exported to excel or the software engineers at Shift Admin can assist organizations with custom integration with third party vendors such as Paychex, ADP, and many more.

Time & Attendance

There are countless ways to track provider time within Shift Admin’s powerful scheduling tool. Admins can implement custom hours tracking, keep an eye on “worked” hours versus “scheduled hours,” and even create custom categories to track a provider’s non-clinical time in the practice. All of this information can be packaged into easy-to-read reports for analysis. There is also an option to enable a time clock to easily manage time and attendance for hourly staff members.



Users can communicate seamlessly through built-in email and SMS text messaging applications without ever leaving the Shift Admin platform. All users can then enable automated messages to alert providers of open shifts and updates to the provider schedule.

Sharing the Schedule  

Once a schedule is generated, it can integrate with each provider’s preferred calendar application, such as iCal, Outlook, Gmail, and others. Additional staff members, such as hospital administrators and nursing staff, can receive a read-only version of the schedule that they can view on any computer or mobile device. The link always loads the most updated version of the schedule, meaning there is no need to email or print updates or chase versions around the hospital. Everyone has access to who is currently working or on-call.

Document Management

Shift Admin’s software provides a robust document management portal that allows users to upload and store documents in their account. Providers can use this feature to securely and electronically store various types of files (PDF, Word and Excel docs, etc), such as licensing documents, CME training hours, certifications, and more.

Shift Admin’s powerful scheduling software can do much more than alleviate the headache of manually creating a provider schedule. We’d love to learn more about the challenges you face in your practice. Book a web-based meeting with our team today.


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