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Reduce Emergency Department Chaos With Efficient Scheduling

Posted by Shift Admin on February 27, 2018 at 6:25 AM

It’s safe to say that the challenges of emergency department scheduling are unlike any other. There are, after all, a multitude of contributing factors – unscheduled patient visits, frequent interruptions, and/or patients suffering from multiple issues with care need from several specialists.

Moreover, some emergency departments are understaffed. This understaffing further contributes to provider stress and increases the chances of suffering from burnout, which then makes it harder for healthcare facilities to retain key employees.

Dealing with all of these issues makes efficient scheduling crucial to the success of any ED.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Scheduling

Advanced cloud-based scheduling has a range of features that can simplify the process of ED scheduling while eliminating department overcrowding and improving patient outcomes, all in real-time:

  • Web-based storage and operation

Real-time scheduling is possible with the use of web and cloud-based technology. This makes it possible for physicians to access the scheduling software no matter what type of platform they use.

  • Mobile access

Physicians rely on rapidly-expanding technology and should be able to rely on their mobile devices to access their schedules. With a web-based scheduling system, providers can access work schedules – and make time off and time on requests – no matter where they are.

  • Customizable

Real-time digital scheduling has many advantages over traditional forms of scheduling, including that it allows you to customize patterns and weighted rules to fit individual user needs. For instance, if one of your providers prefers to work certain days while being off on other days, you can adjust the schedule to be unique to your group.

  • The importance of data

Digital software makes it easier to analyze scheduling and workloads. That’s important for Emergency Departments in which things are rarely predictable. Schedules are adjustable for patterns and trends that accurately reflect patient-level data for times of the day, week, month, or year. In turn, managing ED demand and capacity becomes easier in an unpredictable environment.

  • Saving time

There’s no question that cloud-based digital scheduling saves time for a physician scheduler. Enough is going on in the day-to-day function of an ED department to be bogged down by manual scheduling and procedures. A quality scheduling software enables you to create an equitable schedule in the fraction of the time it takes using other methods.

  • Thriving in the chaos

Digital, cloud-based scheduling helps take the “chaos” out of an already-stressful ED environment. Abandon paper, spreadsheet, or whiteboard scheduling and always know who the on-call physician is. Each provider on your team will know what to expect and can plan their lives around a schedule that’s consistent, equitable, and easily accessible. These scheduling changes will affect patient length-of-stays and further benefit overstaffing and understaffing issues.

Shift Amin offers real-time, automated scheduling that’s fully customizable and cloud-based. Its software was designed by a practicing emergency medicine physician and can handle the most complicated of schedules – along with the chaos of emergency departments.

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