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Emergency Medicine Physician Scheduling Made Easy

Posted by Shift Admin on April 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM

In a recent study of 5,547 department schedules across 57 medical specialties, it was found that emergency medicine departments in the United States balance the most complex sets of staffing rules and monthly requests of any specialty in the medical industry. With an average of 62 repeating schedule rules and 276 monthly schedule requests, it’s no wonder why effectively managing and scheduling emergency medicine physicians is often a challenge for many.

When it comes to emergency medicine provider schedules, there is no margin for error. Using an outdated scheduling method creates a greater potential for wires getting crossed, thus putting jobs (and lives) on the line. Every schedule is unique for many reasons, and you need a solution that can keep up with the various complexities that come with your group.

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This year, make the switch to a new, completely online and completely automated scheduling solution that leaves no shifts left unfilled and no rule or request unaccounted for. When you say goodbye to paper and pen, you’re saying hello to features that include:

  • World-class automation software that makes smart decisions based on customized rules and patterns that are determined by you and your group’s specific needs
  • The ability to create schedules that accommodate rotating and recurring schedule templates
  • Equitable generation of weekends, nights and other undesirable shifts.
  • Assurance that all of your immediate scheduling needs will be met and that your schedule is getting done and getting done right

Eliminating the margin for error in emergency medicine is not possible without extremely efficient and effective communication. With an online-based system built into your scheduling software, you can streamline communication and get the right message to the right person at the right time. Gaps in communication and inaccurate, inefficient scheduling methods can bring emergency departments of all sizes to a halt. Say hello to a simpler, more efficient, and 100% web-based approach to scheduling and department management.

Click below to learn more about how you can reduce stress, organize your team, and save time by optimizing your emergency medicine department schedule with a physician scheduling software like Shift Admin.

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