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World-KLAS Team Member Spotlight: Michele Williams

Posted by Shift Admin on May 22, 2020 at 9:29 AM

Our mission at Shift Admin would simply not be possible without the incredible people that make up our “world-KLAS” team. We come from different places and different backgrounds to work together toward one simple goal: finding the best possible solutions for each of our inherently unique customers.

And when our team grows, so too does our ability to serve others.

Today, we’re getting to know Michele Williams, our new Senior Project Manager!

SA: First off, how did you find Shift Admin?

MW: [I was a] former client!

SA: What makes you excited to be on the Shift Admin team?

MW: I worked with Shift Admin as a client for 8+ years and was constantly impressed with how their software was dynamic and powerful enough to meet demanding customer needs (we were not their typical customer and required a LOT of customizations). Even years after we implemented, we continued to tweak and improve our user experience both on the scheduling administration AND operational end with improvements that positively impacted other facets of our operations (not just end-users)... When considering the opportunity to shift careers, I literally only had one place I was interested in committing to, and THAT was Shift Admin.

SA: In your own words, how would you define your role? What about it are you most excited about?

MW: As the new Senior Project Manager, I am tasked with managing the large-scale projects that need to be implemented from the end of the sales cycle until the first schedules are published! Working with customers on the full cycle of implementing their “Must-Have” list and “Like-to-Have” list is first and foremost and something I have had vast experience with over the past years with… I am also really excited that, with those large clients post-implementation, I will continue that relationship with them as they consider and find their "Delighters" that will make their internal operations even more successful. Getting to work full cycle with clients and helping them replicate what my experience was as a client is very exciting to me!


SA: How do you think your previous experience has prepared you for your role at Shift Admin?

MW: I feel like coming to this role with the client experience is a huge benefit for me as well as the clients I will be working with. I know their pain of transitioning softwares, and I also know best practices (and the pitfalls) from experience. I also know and can truly impart to future end-users what things WILL look like once implementation is complete and can hopefully enable our customers to trust that the transition is worth it.

SA: What do you think makes Shift Admin “Best in KLAS?”

MW: Two things. 1) Our engineering team [is] by far the smartest group of individuals I have ever worked with. I am a fairly smart individual, but I leave meetings with them feeling a bit like Penny from Big Bang Theory... they are just that smart (and nice). 2) Our customer service. We have support managers available helping customers seven days a week, and I think the average response time is <5 minutes. To me, that says it all. A company that invests in that kind of service isn't cutting corners... which is why I was so excited to join the team!

What Shift Admin leadership has to say about Michele:

“Our leadership had been working with her as a client for a number of years and [was] impressed with her work ethic, her ability to lead her team, and with her as a person. We also had received a number of positive internal and external references about her and her myriad abilities.”

“Michele has been a fantastic addition to the team and has positively impacted the organization as a whole, as well as each project she has touched, even in such a short time.”


If you’re as excited as we are about Michele joining our team and would like to see what it’s like to work with her firsthand, click below! She and the rest of our team are eager to work with you on crafting the best possible “best in KLAS” physician scheduling solutions.

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