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Shift Admin Awarded 2020 KLAS Category Leader in Physician Scheduling

Posted by Shift Admin on January 31, 2020 at 9:00 AM

For the second year in a row, KLAS Research has named Shift Admin the “Category Leader for Scheduling: Physician” in their annual Best in KLAS report, confirming the scheduling software’s position as the No. 1 web-based scheduling software on the HIT market. Shift Admin was also rated highest in Overall Satisfaction in the 2018 KLAS Physician Scheduling Report and the Category Leader for Physician Scheduling in 2019.

Every year, KLAS utilizes data from thousands of interviews to provide the HIT industry with powerful reports on key industry insights. By learning from providers about the solutions that they use in practice, KLAS is able to promote transparency in the global health information marketplace and drive better outcomes for all players.  Every year based on these unbiased customer interviews and the associated scores, KLAS names the top HIT products as “Best in KLAS” and “Category Leaders.”

“Providers and payers demand better performance, usability, and interoperability from their vendor partners every year,” said KLAS President Adam Gale.  “Best in KLAS winners set the standard of excellence in their market segment. Earning a Best in KLAS award should both excite and humble the recipients. It serves as a signal to providers that they should expect only the best from the winning vendors.”

“Shift Admin is excited to again be recognized as the leader in physician scheduling based upon reviews and feedback from our valued customers,” said Shift Admin co-founder and CEO, Dr. Patrick Hunt. “Our automated platform creates truly optimized schedules, is robust and flexible enough to handle all healthcare specialties, and is backed by our legendary and top-rated customer support team.  We look forward to continuing to exceed customer expectations and delivering cutting-edge technology in 2020 and beyond.”

About Shift Admin

For over 10 years, Shift Admin has provided a 100% web-based physician scheduling solution that uses a customizable algorithm to automate the scheduling process for healthcare staff of all types. Shift Admin excels in multiple medical specialties including Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Urgent Care, Radiology, Anesthesia, and more.

In addition to creating better schedules, Shift Admin simultaneously functions as a comprehensive communication center with document management capabilities, email/SMS features, payroll tools, statistics, and paperless forms. To learn more about Shift Admin and the services that we provide, visit our website at or watch a short video about Getting Started with Shift Admin here.

More about KLAS: Since 1996, KLAS has been providing accurate and impartial insights for the HIT (healthcare information technology) sector, amplifying the voices of those in the industry and helping them make better decisions for technology solutions. For more information, visit

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